Thursday, June 08, 2006

i heart kale

well, i have been loath to post because i like gazing at those shoes, but i guess it's time to move on. this is a picture of last night's easy dinner, meatless meatball subs (nate's zesty italian meatless meatballs stewed a while in tomato sauce, then balanced within a split whole wheat roll) and sauteed kale.

only two school days left for boo (half days on friday and monday). and bean will be performing her final dance of the season with new dance studio on monday afternoon at 3:15 in tommy's park, weather permitting.

as for me, i've been sewing, ironing, lint-removing, folding, and filling boxes with shirts.

things i've learned lately from sitemeter: lots of people want a recipe for spaghetti-o's (huh?). lots of people want to see pictures of caesar millan on roller blades. one person is looking for "mean mama rock n' roll." now, that's more like it!

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