Tuesday, June 20, 2006

chapel hill adventures

thrift shoppin'. no, boo didn't buy these shades, but bean found a lovely gunne sax skirt to purchase.

we got tea from 3 cups...

and sandwiches from sandwhich.

we entered cafe driade with trepidation, but we didn't let the chai guy scare us! johnny cash watched over bean and boo.

oh, yeah, and carrburrito. but i swear, we haven't only been eating!

see, here's bean, ellen, david, and boo, hanging at the weave again...eating ice cream from maple view. i should add that we didn't eat all of this in one day!! this happened over the course of...well, at least two days.


Artemis said...

you might wanna fix those pictures so our lovely veiwer like you can see them

Liz Woodbury said...

there, is that better? wow, i'm not loving this fancy schmancy mac i'm working on. i think i may be an old fuddy duddy pc type gal.