Thursday, May 04, 2006

juju & moxie

bean and i spiced up our rainy wednesday a little bit by picking up flora at her house and heading over to juju & moxie, where the two of them proceeded to try on just about everything in the place.

flora in a white knit sleeveless dress with salmon-colored polyester jacket and black and pink platform sneakers.

, modeling a lacy white gunne sax blouse and a pair of the coolest plaid bellbottoms ever.

we went over to ferdinand to chat with diane after that, then made a brief stop at material objects before the girls headed off to their respective dance classes. yesterday's homeschooling lesson: thrift shopping.

in other big news, the caramel apples you were wondering about did not get made yesterday, but will be made today. if you're curious about what else my family and i did yesterday, just consider these two words: food and clue.

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