Sunday, May 21, 2006


we went to the spring ceilidh last night (i love the word "ceilidh," which is pronouced "kay-lee," because i am so proud to be able to spell it correctly), where boo demonstrated the sword dance and another one (the lilt? i can't remember, but he was amazing -- he is such a fun dancer to watch, very light on his feet). bean and her troupe of scottish social dancers demonstrated a medley of dances, which they called something like strip the bavarian willow. we had fun as usual, and i even got m to dance most of the social dances with me, yay!

on a side note, i made coconut cupcakes from vegan with a vengeance to take to the ceilidh, and they were shockingly good. even those with ambivalent feelings about coconut found them pretty irresistable. they're made with coconut milk and unsweetened shredded coconut (i used less than the recipe called for, cause that's all i had).

in other recent cooking news, i made the semi-successful chocolate-oat bars from the chicago diner cookbook (semi-successful in that for some reason only m and i like them. they're too chocolatey for bean, and the oat bottom is too soft and soggy-like for boo). i also made sparkling ginger cookies from vegan with a vengeance, and YUM. even my pop sampled one and gave it a thumbs up!

then there was an ad-libbed pot pie, also vegan but pretty much invented by me, which was very good (the crust was a little salty, but we all ate it up). and finally, a loaf. yes, a seventh-day adventist-style loaf -- think meatloaf, but then substitute stuff like chickpeas and rice and mushrooms for the meat part. the word loaf is admittedly an ugly one, but this thing was truly delicious. we served it with mashed sweet potatoes, stir-fried kale with garlic, and veggie gravy, and EVERYONE liked it. it had a lovely, thanksgiving dinner quality about it. i think the loaf itself would be good the next day for sandwiches (like, meatloaf-style sandwiches, maybe with ketchup), but we didn't have any left over. the best part is this magic loaf generator, where you can pick your ingredients from different categories, and it gives you a specialized recipe (mom, you have to try this! you'll love it!).


Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the loaf connection &, btw, I love loaves (I Yuve Yoaves) ...betcha there're some in the chicago diner cookbook, remember: the lentiloaf was a big fave there!
so, anyway, we can't wait to make one!

Anonymous said...

Is that Isaac in his kilt?!!!!


wish I'd been there

Liz Woodbury said...

i yuve yoaves, too! i know, actually the chicago diner was what i thought of right away -- how tasty their loaves are (i think there are two recipes, tofu and lentil, in the cookbook). for this one, i used chickpeas, rice, nutritional yeast, flax meal,...lots of veggies including mushrooms, veggie broth...

yes, that's the boy in his lovely birthday kilt from aunt sooze! the next ceilidh is in august, and the highland games is/are august 19th!

charlotte said...

wow, that sounds so tasty. i wish i could have gone to the ceidilh... wah wah. next time.

Liz Woodbury said...

yes, next time -- august ceilidh, i want to see you and your mama there! i'll bake you guys some cupcakes.