Sunday, April 16, 2006

writing prompt

topic: "if i had an entire weekend to myself, i would..."

this is easy, since i am currently living the dream! here's what i would do (and this has been tested and found to be accurate, this very weekend):

1. i would walk mr. min-the-dog an unprecedented four times a day.

2. i would go to the gym every single day, and stay as long as i wanted (i.e. as long as the lifetime movie of the week continued to captivate).

3. i would eat whatever i wanted, whenever i felt like eating it, and i would not fix any food for anyone but me, except for pouring dog food in min's bowl.
3a. this would undoubtedly include eating bowls of cereal in front of the tv and making a meal of a box of crackers and half an avocado.

i would painstakingly clean my house, reaping a zen kind of pleasure from it.

i would get some work done.

6. i would go out to breakfast with my friend dancer lady.

7. i would waste little time in actively missing my family, with the following exceptions:
7a. i would get teary-eyed when telling a friend i ran into that bean is going to high school in the fall, and that she'll be 14 on her next birthday.
7b. i would feel my heart leap strangely when i spotted a long-haired boy head which bore a close resemblance to boo's head.
7c. i would miss m with a sudden pang as we exchanged chatty text messages about the pasta he cooked his parents last night.

i would read lots of magazines, including catching up on old new yorkers.

i would arrange my netflix queue so that three movies would arrive which would only be interesting or appropriate for me and me alone. these might include:
9a. morvern callar
9b. sylvia
9c. kinsey

and finally, i would luxuriate in silence, and i would only occasionally catch myself talking to my dog.


charlotte said...

oh, lizzie lou, i love you. that weekend is so you.

Antique Mommy said...
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Antique Mommy said...

I had to delete my previous comment because it made NO sense!

Eating out sounds fabulous -- especially when you don't have someone eating off your plate and knocking over your drink and grabbing the salt and pepper and entertaining the people behind you and throwing silverware on the floor and ....

Liz Woodbury said...

you're right, of course, although my kids are beyond all that, which is delightful in itself! still, a. peace and quiet and b. the chance to think only about what i want to eat (or where, etc) is pretty great.