Sunday, April 02, 2006

school art project

boo's school has started its annual collaborative art project with meca, our local art college. it's one of the coolest things his school does, teaming up with their art education program so that the kids get this amazing experience and the art students get hands-on practice in working with bunches of kids. they always coordinate with whatever exhibit is currently at the ica, which right now has to do with self-portraits.

the school takes a couple of field trips to meca, where the kids tour the galleries and do a little art work (they took polaroids of themselves this time -- or had other people take them, of important parts of their bodies. boo picked his hair, which is his most distinguishing characteristic, being long, luxurious, and blond, and his feet, which are quite useful for scottish highland dancing purposes). the meca students also take their own field trips out to boo's school, where they do most of the actual art work. when they're done, they hold an evening art opening with all the kids' work displayed in one of meca's galleries, and with juice and snacks, too.

this project more than makes up for the art program at school, which leans discouragingly toward the mediocre.


Anonymous said...

this sounds great! and I like his beautiful mane of hair in the photo..!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that some locals have mistaken his famous face for someone they go to school with !