Saturday, April 29, 2006

more good food

i made another recipe from vegan with a vengeance last night, and it was so delicious that i didn't even have a chance to take a photograph of it before it was all gobbled up. this was "sweet potato crepes with cilantro-tamarind sauce." the vegan crepes have chickpea flour in them, and they end up tasting kind of like dosas (you know, those south indian pancakes filled with spiced potatoes and peas or whatever, like you can get at hampton chutney company, should you happen to be in soho at lunchtime). they're filled with indian-spiced sweet potato, onion, and red pepper, and topped with this amazing creamy cilantro-tamarind-cashew-coconut milk sauce.

it inspired a dinner party idea: a dosa party! want to come? here's our plan -- we'll make a whole pile of vegan crepes/dosas, and then have all kinds of indianish fillings to choose from. sweet potatoes, potatoes and peas, curried cauliflower, some kind of saag-type spinachy filling, etc. doesn't that sound good? we could make basmati rice on the side, and have hot chai to drink. mmmm....

so, after dinner, we watched the first disc of undeclared, judd apatow's post-freaks and geeks tv show. we weren't disappointed, because we didn't expect it to live up to the fabulousness of f&g, but it's really pretty funny. i would highly recommend it to you freaks and geeks fans out there.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! When's the party?

Liz Woodbury said...

hey! you guys could come up here on saturday the 13th and spend the night (the next day is mother's day), and we could have a little dosa party...?

Anonymous said...

hoo boy!!!!

sounds wonderful!!