Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ears for lunch

come and get em, kids!

i can't bring myself to provide a link to the site where i found this image. it's for medical professionals only, not appropriate for the family-friendly atmosphere i'm attempting to cultivate around these parts.

but the above is for my brother, who is interested in japanese ear-wax rituals.

from jbox:

"The Japanese love cleaning their ears, and it is often a sign of love if your partner will clean your ears for you. It is not an uncommon sight in Japan to see a man with his head on his partner's lap while she scapes out his ear wax with the precision of a surgeon. This Hello Kitty mimikaki (ear pick) will help you recreate the uniquely Japanese experience of having your ear wax cleaned out."


charlotte said...

what a special ritual! will i need to take an industrial-sized box of q-tips with me on my voyage this summer?

Liz Woodbury said...

or should i order you one of these cute hello kitty ear-pickers?