Friday, April 07, 2006

deaf dog to the rescue

local interest news story of the day: so, this vacuum cleaner salesman was, uh, hiding in the closet of someone's house, under some clothes, and the person's deaf cocker spaniel alerted him to the intruder's presence in his closet (this sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke), and that's about it. the vacuum salesman ran away and was detained after going home and changing his clothes.

"Deputy Police Chief Steve Trahan interviewed Wood, who said he was trying to sell vacuum cleaners Thursday, but did not have a vacuum cleaner with him or any brochures about the product.

'He said the door was open, he walked in and closed it behind him and got scared when the home owner came in,' Trahan said.

Emery said the case ended well, with nobody getting hurt, but it shows that people should lock their doors."

one of my favorite details of the story is that the vacuum cleaner salesman drives a "purple plymouth breeze."


charlotte said...

oh, boy. small town news! but very funny.

Anonymous said...

LOL....couldn't he come up with a better job "closet inspector"? Geez.