Thursday, March 23, 2006


i had somehow missed the news that topeka's least favorite son, fred phelps, and his merry band of hateful pseudo-christians have been demonstrating at the funerals of soldiers who've been killed in iraq. that's nice, isn't it? apparently, god is punishing america for homosexuality in a super-creative way. actually, phelps himself doesn't attend these rallies, because he's too old. i thought i'd heard that he died, but i guess that was wishful thinking.


margot said...

that is so, so horrible. did you read the part of the biography about him abusing his children??

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, no -- i'll have to go back and read it for real. he is a bad, bad man.

Anonymous said...

don't let any Mainers know that there are people from Kansas living right there in Portland!

(hard to believe, I know--and from Topeka, too...)

...they seem so nice, if not, well, nor-mal