Monday, March 20, 2006


in honor of the first official day of spring, i offer you the following musings on my footwear. today is yet another of those days which appear vernal when you're safely inside, looking out the window at the sun shining merrily and the wind blowing things this way and that (the kind of day happy would have hated, actually; i think about her a lot on windy days). when you step outside, though, you realize it was a cruel illusion, and actually you should've worn a hat.

onto the shoe issue: when i am counting my blessings, despite the lack of snowshoeing opportunities this winter, i have to be grateful that i haven't had to wear these "shoe boots" all that much. i loved them when i got them, but that was, uh, six years ago or something, and while they're warm, and while i'll never stop scoffing at ladies in high heeled shoes walking around the slippery cobblestones of the old port in the winter time, i am SICK of them. i tend to put them on in november and remove them in april, year after year.

but not this winter! i've actually gone weeks at a time in my aging pink and red pumas, ahhh. now which footwear would YOU choose, if you had the choice?

okay, but what if you had the opportunity to wear these beauties??

these are my pride and joy, my brown camper twin boots with orange suede stripes and a magenta interior which you can't really see in this picture. bean gave them to me for mother's day a few years ago, after soliciting contributions from friends and relatives! what a perfect child! and, happily, i have even worn them this winter (i try to keep them far from the salt and sand and ice and puddles which normally abound this time of year).

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