Thursday, March 30, 2006

bircher muesli for breakfast

i'm not including a photo of my luscious bowl of creaminess, because it wouldn't do it justice. in fact, it might come out looking kind of gross. but i am here to say that after months of not getting around to it, i finally made the bircher muesli recipe i hunted down on the red kitchen, and it is scrumptious. m loves it too, but no one else around here has tried it yet. although one of boo's favorite breakfasts is oats in vanilla yogurt, he is deeply suspicious of pieces of fruit lurking around in any food.

so i veganized this recipe thus: soak some oats in a bit of soy milk overnight. the next morning, stir them up with vanilla soy yogurt, grate some apple in there, and chop up any fresh or dried fruit and nuts you have and stir em in. i am inordinately fond of creamy comfort food-type things, so if you're not (i.e. if you're my dad!) you may not like this as much as i do. this is especially good with the greek-style yogurt you can get at trader joe's, or if you have a donvier yogurt cheese maker like i do, that's good too (it's basically a strainer with a fine mesh sieve-type thing to make the yogurt thicker).

and no, i'm not a real vegan. i just play one on tv. actually, i just like the challenge of cooking really yummy things than just happen to be vegan. in addition to aspiring to consume fewer animal products.

and yes, i'm a little obsessed with food lately. luckily, i'm equally obsessed with going to the gym.


Anonymous said...

ok, what did i do wrong? i soaked oats in soy milk overnight in the frig. i added strawberries & walnuts but it was a little too soupy to add yogurt to. so it tasted ....ok....but mostly like cold oatmeal....maybe i just used too much soy milk? oh and i did add some flax meal which i recommend to you. sprinkle on everything your family eats...good omega 3's !

Liz Woodbury said...

yeah, i bet too much soy milk -- the red kitchen site says to use just enough for them to be kind of damp, no more than that. did you use greek yogurt? the thicker, the better. try again!! good idea about the flax meal, i think i have some in the freezer. last night we made a parsley-based pesto with flax seeds in it, and it was good.

i hope you'll try the muesli again!

Liz Woodbury said...

oh, now i see -- no yogurt. yep, definitely too much soy milk.

charlotte said...

note: i positively LOVE it when people abbreviate refridgerator as frig.

Liz Woodbury said...

i think she did it especially to please you, miss gliss.

Anonymous said...

ok, i will attempt again to make the muesli...just a little dab o soy milk in the .....FRIG..... and i do have the fabulous greek yogurt on hand!

(i won't tell you what i call the icemaker or i'd owe margot a bunch of money)

Liz Woodbury said...

ooh, yeah, she sure doesn't call the freezer the "freez"!!

okay, dear readers, please try my muesli, but go heavier on the yogurt than the oats. this is primarily a yogurt dish.