Sunday, January 22, 2006

central square

we all went to cambridge last weekend for the martin luther king jr. gospel concert at harvard. the first half of the concert was wonderful!! the second half was some kind of smooth jazz/contemporary gospel stuff that put us to sleep. it was weirdly hot inside sanders theater, too, and warm and rainy outside. mom and dad treated us to all kinds of amazing meals all weekend (including buddha's delight), and a plethora of small, dangerously delicious desserts at finale right before the concert. mmmm.

so why this picture of a flattened mouse body? i happened upon it in front of the central square starbucks, and i thought it was worthy of documentation, being perfectly squished flat, as if by a little steamroller.


Anonymous said...

I'm not really scared of mice, except when they touch me and I'm not expecting it, but I must say that this picture gives me a major case of the creeps!

Anonymous said...


i hope janet will allow charlotte back in the city limits of cambridge............

VERY unusual occurance, REALLY!!