Wednesday, November 09, 2005

look what m won!!

Best Dad Award Packet
Concratulations! You are the lucky winner of “The ’05 Best Dad Awards”. Enclosed in the packet you will receive shortly, are the following items: a free ticket for a movie (the name has not yet been released), Another ticket which clearly states you are the winner of the awards, a card which you can show to one of the recepcionists working at the desk which says “Best Dad ’05 Winner! Liable to receive trophy!” she/he will give you trophy. And the last item is, ALL THE OTHER ITEMS FOR YOUR WIFE!!! (who is the winner of the best mom awards)!!!

Yours truly,



Anonymous said...

We always knew that Mark was a great dad, but it's good to have proof!

Liz Woodbury said...

i'm just rubbing my palms together greedily, waiting to find out what "all the other items" are!