Saturday, October 29, 2005

halloween, homeschoolin' style

fun times at the outschoolers' halloween party! a trio of pickpockets.

bean and boo's amazing coats and vests were obtained at the garment district in cambridge, with the help of mana. the hats were tracked down on a wildly successful day of thrifting, first at goodwill (where bean found her trousers, both bean and boo got scuffed black lace-up shoes, and artemis found a great jacket), and then at material objects, where that top hat called bean's name (she also found a vest there, and artemis got her cap). boo's hat was dug out of the dress-up clothes pile, and it's PERFECT!!

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Anonymous said...

those hats are the coolest...i want to hear more from the pickpockets about how they obtained them!