Tuesday, October 04, 2005


yes, the world seems wordy and picture-less these days. i have lodged a complaint with blogger, but i suspect the problem may lie instead with sprint. no doubt i brought it on myself by haranguing my brother about his disloyal switch to verizon (i can no longer afford to call him, see?)...

we went to see the new oliver twist movie last night, which we all liked a lot. bean filled us in on the differences between the film and the book, but she thought it was fairly true to dickens. we drove to falmouth in the thickest fog in the history of the world.

yep, it was much thicker than this.


charlotte said...

liz. this is unrelated to fog, oliver, or pictures, but it is still tres importante. today, liza iselborn, who is a well-respected eighth grader at king, said "where'd you get that shirt?" it was an older rogues gallery. "i got it at casco bay books." "oh, in that new place?" "um, actually, it was before the new place." "oh my god, i love that new place!" although she could not articulate 'milo', she and her wealthy friends probably go there a lot! yea!

Liz Woodbury said...

yay!! let's hope she and her wealthy friends stuff their pockets full o' money and go to milo daily!