Thursday, September 22, 2005

be your future

i've got to get a picture of this weird dad who drops his son off at isaac's school every morning and shouts in a booming voice, as the kid walks toward the door of the school, "MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH, SON!" although this guy doesn't look creepy like the twin peaks bob lookalike from a few years ago, he has a generally eccentric appearance (long, frizzy hair, big outback hat, shorts, tall black socks). every once in a while, he yells something stranger, like today's message: "know your future! see your future! BE YOUR FUTURE!" what is a seven year-old supposed to do with that advice, exactly?

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Anonymous said...

as i told you in my psychotic phone message, i ran into this child's future today in the form of a young man who seemd autistic, working at the cambridge economy hardware store. the energy between us was SO weird, i needed some Buckaroo Banzai equipment to record it for your blog (or zoe's podcast)i am haunted by his strangeness