Saturday, July 02, 2005

u.s.s. iwo jima

what the heck is this great big navy ship doing in the port of little old portland, you may ask. holy smokes! look how wee mana and bean look standing in front of it (bean looks a tad unhappy because of the ungodly loud reggae music that was blasting from speakers on the maine state pier. from what we could tell, it had nothing to do with the navy. nor did the crazy man holding a bible under his arm who asked my mom and me for a quarter to make a phone call, and after we'd given him one, said, "and what are you two young ladies doing out on a night like this? do your parents know where you are?").


Anonymous said...

i hope zoe likes this picture because i really do...reminds me of one when whe was much younger & dolefully had her head upon my shoulder...sigh

charlotte said...
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Liz Woodbury said...

i think she does -- at least it was approved by her for blogification.